Kacnia Lakes

The lakes of Kacnija are located at the top of a ridge, compressed on the plateau of Mount Balgjaj, half of which is in the territory of Dibra and the western slope at Mat.

Kacnia is an area included in the area of the Four Gorges that belongs to the eastern part of the province. Climbs a path between gorges with a rare natural wealth.

The dense vegetation of the bush, oak, beech and pine trees are the mantle of the mountain and at the top, oases of lakes that reflect the mountain upside down as a surreal picture.

The lakes of Kacnia are located on the eastern slope of Mount Balgjaj or known as the Allaman Mountain bordering Mat, southwest of the village of Kacni, whence they derive their name from the district of Dibra, at an altitude of over 1700 m.

They are located in some large complex glacier circuses. Consisting of glacial lakes. They are 50-100 m tall on average and 20-35 m wide.

Their area separately amounts to several ha. They have depths over 5 – 6 m. They have crystal clear and cold water. During the winter they freeze on the surface. They are rich in a living world and form an interesting alpine lakes ecosystem.

The surrounding coniferous forests greatly enhance the natural landscape around them. Have scientific (geological, geomorphological, hydrological, biological), aesthetic, didactic, ecological and cultural values.