SICPA Security Solution Albania, choose Black Drin Adventure

SICPA Security Solution Albania, choose Black Drin Adventure

Our motto for groups coming from companies is: “The Best or Nothing, in Wild Nature”

This is because the various wildlife adventure sports activities organized by Black Drin Adventure are completely unique in the region.

Outdoor activities organized in a way and with professional staff not only brings people closer to nature but also improves the professional environment of the staff, where the team spirit is strengthened.

One of them is Rafting (Extreme Sport) which requires the cooperation of the whole group to challenge the waves and adrenaline offered by the river Drini i Zi. A fun, exciting and memorable activity, impressive with a great desire to return.
Practicing stimulating activities within a company, in fact, leads to a series of advantages ranging from motivation to face challenges, desire to move forward and love for each other, which translates into productivity for everyone.


Our highly qualified guides accompany the groups on a spectacular discount exploring the wild nature of the Drini i Zi River. Hiking, Trekking, Canyoning and 4x4offroad in Lura-Mali Dejes National Park, Korab-Koritnik Natural Park, Kacnija Lakes, Seta Canyon, Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, Mavrovo National Park, Natural Monuments, Ilkere Ruins, Arkek Ruins Traditional villages, Historical-Cultural Heritage all accompanied by Traditional Arberian and Albanian Gastronomy.