Why you should visit Dibra

Home to one of the most beautiful national parks in Albania, Lura National Park, the Dibra region is rich in natural beauty, mountainous landscapes, glacial lakes, countless rivers, and dense forests. Lura’s majestic beauty has been praised by the likes of Edith Durham while the great Albanian poet Gjergj Fishta has said “He who has not seen Lura, has not seen Albania.”

Still, to be discovered, the region’s unadulterated nature hides natural thermal springs, surrounded by pines, along with the high altitudes of its mountainous terrain. These mineral-rich waters are some of the most amazing natural wonders in the country, beautiful to behold, and providers of serious health benefits. Albania owes much of its famous culinary delights to Dibra’s indelible traditional cuisine, most notably including the buttery jufka, Albania’s own version of tagliatelle, and sheqerpare, a rich and scrumptious dessert.

Source: www.intoalbania.com